Acne As A Usual Unhealthy Condition Of The Skin


Acne is a normal condition of the skin affecting many people at one point in their lives. It results into spots developing on the skin, and especially on the chest, back and face. These spots range from whiteheads (which are usually mild) and blackheads to deep, pus-filled, inflamed cysts and pustules. These can then be long-lasting and severe leading to scarring. This is unhealthy for the skin.

What To Do If One Contracts Acne

Keeping the skin as clean and healthy as possible is very important though it should be noted that this is not to mean that spots will not develop. The affected area ought to be washed twice a day using a cleanser or mild soap. The skin should however not be scrubbed too hard to avoid irritating it.

In case the skin is dry, a moisturizer can be made use of. Most of the moisturisers are tested smushrooms improve skin health o that they do not cause non-comedogenic (spots).

As much as acne cannot be cured, it can still be controlled by treating it. There exist numerous gels, creams as well as lotions that are used for treating spots on the skin. These spots are usually available in pharmacies.

In case a person develops acne, he or she is highly recommended to first of all see a pharmacist before taking any other action. This is because a pharmacist is in a position to determine what exactly an individual needs to do going by his or her skin condition. It is therefore of extreme importance to seek help from a medical expert. Moreover, products that are low in benzoyl peroxide are also recommendable. A person should be careful with these though because they can bleach clothing. If an individual’s acne is severe or it appears on his or her back and chest, the acne may need to be treated using antibiotics or creams that are stronger which are available on prescription by a medical practitioner.

When To See The Doctor

It is advisable to go see a doctor in case one is unable to control the acne by making use of the over-the-counter medication or if the acne causes a lot of distress and makes one feel sad. It is also recommendable to seek a doctor’s help is one develops cysts or nodules because these need to be properly treated so as to avoid scarring.

Treatments normally take up to 3 months so as to work. One should therefore not expect results overnight. As soon as the treatments start to work, however, the results are normally good. It is not good to squeeze or pick the spots because this usually leads to long-lasting scarring.

Why Do People Have Acne?

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Acne is usually associated with the changes in the levels of hormones during puberty though they can develop at any age. It has its effect on the glands next to the hair follicles that produce grease. Specific hormones are the ones which cause the glands to produce excess oil amounts (abnormal sebum). The abnormal sebum makes changes in the activities of a normally harmless bacterium of the skin referred to as P. acnes making it become more aggressive. Once it becomes more aggressive, it causes creation of pus and inflammation. These hormones also make thicker the inner lining of the hair follicles thus cause blockage of the pores. Cleaning of the skin does not assist in removing this kind of blockage.

Acne has for long now been known to run in families. In case the mother and father both have acne conditions, it very likely that their children will also be having the same acne conditions.

Hormonal changes, like those occurring during pregnancy or menstrual cycle in women, are in positions to cause acne episodes in women.

There is so far no evidence that poor hygiene and sexual activity play any role in development of acne.

People Who Are Mainly Affected

Acne is a common health condition especially in teenagers as well as younger adults. Around eighty percent of people who are between the ages of eleven and thirty are affected by this health condition. Many people have acne conditions on and off for a number of years before their symptoms start improving with age. Acne usually does disappear when an individual is in his or her mid-twenties.

There are also instances whereby acne continues even into adult life. Around one percent of women and one percent of men do suffer from acne over the age of twenty five. If you’re one of the few with acne I found a great remedy for it – here are some of the best products for acne I’ve found.