5 Tips to buying used gym equipment

Anyone might be in the market wanting to buy used gym equipment but most probably does not have sufficient knowledge on how to go about it.

The main question to ask is “what exactly does it take to acquire one of those treadmills or elliptical seen in the gyms into ones very home? How expensive will it be? Is it worth to purchase used gym equipment? The answers to these questions will come as we discuss the few tips below. If it all seems too difficult, you could always buy new equipment from a vendor such as Ghost Fitness

Few tips to guide on acquiring the right used gym equipment to purchase.

  1. Know the difference between the 3 basis conditions of used gym equipment.
  2. Familiarize with different types of machines, brands available and features.
  3. Set a budget in mind and all the needs you require in a machine.
  4. Buying used gym equipment will save a lot of time and money.
  5. Ensure that the equipment dealer is reputable and highly trustworthy.


  1. Know the difference between the 3 basis conditions of used gym equipmentdumbbells

Quite a number of used gym equipment bought and sold usually fall under three categories.

  • As –is – meaning it is in that working condition
  • Serviced and cleaned
  • Refurbished – meaning it has been re-manufactures or reconditioned.

All these categories are priced differently. The most affordable condition is as-is, this means that the machine just bought as it is without having been re-modified or repaired, this makes the right choice if anyone is just looking to keep a simple healthy lifestyle. If looking for something a little more, the best choice is to have a serviced and cleaned machine. Used equipment tend to have some parts more worn out than others which should be fixed or replaced to reduce potential issues of failure and breakdown and also to ensure longer shelf life for the machine. If the machine is required to operate and run for a longer time then it is wise to choose re-manufactured one. This means that the machine is rebuild to look and feel just like brand new and this ranges from the mechanical part to a new coating outside depending on the dealer, the quality of work can vary greatly.


  1. treadmills sellFamiliarize with the different types of machines, features and brands available

Knowledge of the different types of exercise equipment out there will greatly help in deciding what’s best. The main types of machines to know include treadmills, elliptical, exercise bikes and strength equipment. Also know the important features on the machine, for instance, there are standard features in cardio machines such as treadmills, elliptical and bikes which will help in heart rate monitoring, multiple levels of resistance, incline and decline capability and so forth. This is more important especially when testing as-is equipment.


  1. Have a set budget in mind and what needs you require in a machine

It really helps to have a clear set budget in mind on what one is looking for in a machine. This helps during the selection process by narrowing down to specific machines and models that will not only fit the budget but also ones needs.


  1. Buying used equipment will save you time and money

It is believed that buying used equipment comes with a bit of skeptism but we have to also bear in mind that buying any brand new piece is very expensive and can run into thousands of dollars at a bare minimum. However one of the benefits of buying used gym equipment is the huge financial saving. Even if you do not decide to refurbish the machine, the end cost will still be far below what you would have spent while purchasing a brand new one.20 pounders


  1. Ensure that the equipment dealer is highly trustworthy and reputable

There are so many different people and companies selling used gym equipment and choosing one to partner with is a doubting task. However a lot of precaution is required. Make sure that the organization or individual you are dealing with is legitimate. You can go ahead and ask for real time photos or videos of their business or enquire about their business practices.

Will all the knowledge acquired above, one can now confidently research, negotiate and eventually purchase their first used gym equipment.

What You Must Eat To Put On Muscle

For a large portion of us, picking up muscle may invoke pictures of endless hours in the exercise center, yet slim down doesn’t ring a bell. Your body needs calories and food to encourage getting bigger and to change in accordance with differing measures of action. Before incorporating major and sudden improvements in your life,  you may need to counsel with a doctor, fitness coach or dietitian.

female bodybuilder

Consume Sufficient Amounts Of Protein.

The general guideline is that you need somewhere around 1 and 2 times your total weight in grams of protein. For instance, on the off chance that you weigh 150 pounds, you should be consuming somewhere around 150 and 225 grams of protein every day if you want to make sure your body has enough to build muscle. Combine a diet of protein with essential amino acids and a supplement such as Crazy Bulk legal steroid supplement.


Full time juicers can consume two to three times their body weight in grams of protein, and the more the better really, yet for the greater part of us this is unnecessary. In case you’re overweight, decide on your lean body weight and calculate in grams. Foods that have proteins that are awesome for building muscle include: Red meat like hamburger, pork, venison, sheep, lam and buffalo.

Supplement With Both Essential And Unchained Amino Acids

Keeping in mind the end goal is to build muscle, you have to consume complete proteins found in eggs, meat, fish, cheddar, milk and most other animal foods. Dependable guideline: If it breaths it is a complete protein. There are a lot of different of non-creature complete proteins accessible, too, meaning that you can in any case build up muscle as a vegan. Complete vegan proteins include: Soy, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Hempseed, Beans or vegetables with rice, and so forth.

Incorporate Sugars In Your Eating Regimen.

It is vital to have starches in your diet with the goal of your body taking advantage of glycogen  stores inside your muscles while you are working out. In the event that you don’t consume enough sugars your body won’t have enough sugars stored and your muscles will atrophy. To pack on muscle, your eating methodology ought to comprise of some place somewhere around 40% and 60% cabohydrates, or around 1500 calories every day.

Carbs Get A Bad Rap bodybuilder water drops

Since complex carbs are separated gradually and have a low-glycemic record, they are great to consume after a workout, and particularly in the morning at breakfast. Do your best to choose carbohydrate starches low on the Glycemic Index, which are healthier and release their energy over a period of time. Great examples are: Brown Basmati Rice, Quinoa and Rolled Oats.

Consume Healthy Fats

Not all fats are made equivalent. Indeed, there is proof to back up that consuming solid fats is really useful for you. You ought to get around 20% to 35% of your calories from fats. Consume monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are the “great” fats. They are: Olive, shelled nut, sunflower, canola, and avocado oils; Fish; Nuts; Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds; Soy items, for example, tofu or soymilk; and so on.

Stay Far From Trans Fats.

These are the “terrible” fats. Make sure that soaked fats make up close to 10% of your caloric consumption, and that trans fats make up close to 1-2% of your caloric admission. Terrible fats include: Ice cream cakes, candy; High-fat cuts of meat; Lard,Fried fast food, fries, burgers, ice cream etc…