Functions of the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin Hormone

This hormone is majorly studied in molecular biology. HCG is a hormone by the portion the placenta called syncytiotrophoblast this occurs immediately after implantation. Pregnancy test is normally used to detect the presence of HCG. This hormone is produced by the cancerous tumors and when its level is high it suggest that the patient is pregnant otherwise it would lead to a cancer diagnosis. It’s not detected if the production is the cause contributing to it or is the effect of tumorigenesis. Luteinizing hormone (LH) is the pituitary analog of HCG. It is produced in all ages males’ and females’ pituitary glands.pregnant 2

  1. Maintenance Of The Pregnancy

Human chorionic gonadotropin enables the maintenance of the corpus luteum during the beginning of the pregnancy, since they attach themselves to the LHCG receptor in the ovary. This enables the corpus luteum to produce the progesterone hormone at the first trimester. The uterus is enriched with the progesterone which causes the thickening of the blood capillaries and blood vessels this enables them to sustain the growing fetus. It does help to eat a hcg diet

  1. Cellular Differentiation

In addition HCG plays a great part in the proliferation or cellular differentiation and this result to apoptosis activation. E.g. HCG-treated cells of the endometrial and induce in the apoptosis cell increment. These results contribute to the linkage of the peritrophblastic immune tolerance and may facilitate invasion of the trophoblast which is normally known to be expedite foetal development in the walls of the endometrium, it has also been discovered that the level which HCG are related to the severity of morning sickness to the pregnant women. Due to the similarities of LH HCG can be induced clinically to the testosterone as well as ovulation in the ovaries. Health organization uses the urine of the pregnant women to obtain HCG which is used for treatment fertility; this therefore makes pregnant women to be the major biological of source of HCG.

  1. Quantitated Level Of HCG is Useful in the Monitoring Germ Cells

When HCG is quantitated and analysis carried out its level is important in the germ cell monitoring and trophoblastictumours, miscarriages follow-up care, ectopic pregnancy treatment and its follow –up after treatment.

Ectopic pregnancy is highly indicated by when the level of HCG level of 1500mlU/ml this will suggest strongly that there is ectopic pregnancy and also absence of a visible fetus on vaginal ultrasound.

  1. Quantitative blood test

    pregnancy 1

The detection of HCG between 6 and 12 days after ovulation is done through quantitative blood test, pregnancy test and sensitive urine tests. The total level of the HCG might be differing in a various ranges during the gestation period of the first 4 weeks leading to false results during this period. The level of 35% over a period of 48 hours is always seen as the minimal rise. Disorders of the gestation trophoblastic like the hydatidiform moles (“molar pregnancy”) results to high level of HCG this is made possible due to the presence of synctialtrophoblast – part of the villi that make up the placenta, even so embryo’s absence. This and other conditions leads to the level of the HCG to be elevated and this bring the conclusion of the test that there is no pregnancy. The triple test is the component indicator of the levels of the HCG foetal chromosomal abnormalities this is made possible through a screening test.


HCG is tested using various tests, which use the monoclonal antibody which is very specific to the B-subunit of HCG. This is an employed procedure to ensure the false positive is does not occur in the test, this is possible through confusing HCG with LH and FSH. LH and FSH are always present at different levels in the body but HCG always indicate pregnancy presence unless the patient is cancer diagnose. A lot of HCG immunoassay is based on the sandwich principle. The principle uses antibodies to label HCG in the presence of enzymes, but the urine pregnancy dipstick test are derived from the lateral flow technique.