Health benefits of yoga in relation to its different exercises

Health benefits of yoga in relation to its different exercises

Yoga is an outstanding natural remedy to various diseases. This ancient science includes different exercises and mediation that are a necessity when controlling and even curing certain diseases. Some of the well known yoga exercises and meditation are mudras, pranayama and asana. You should keep in mind that not all yoga exercises will help you control your disease. Therefore, you should visit a yoga professional teacher to give you a technical advice on the right kind of yoga that you need for your health issue.

The extreme change in life in the twentieth to the twenty first century has led to drastic increase of various diseases such as blood pressure, diabetes and stress. These diseases have made the lives of millions of people miserable across the globe. However, yoga exercises and mediation can counter most of these diseases.

Some of you may wonder and even fail to comprehend how a simple meditation works to stop a deadly disease, here’s how yoga works. A human yoga landscapebeing is made up of the body, soul and spirit. The philosophy of yoga makes sure this three component work together to ensure that your health is good and stable. Yoga practice ensures that there is equilibrium between the soul, mind and body which helps to achieve quality in all aspects of life.

The following are outlined and well explained yoga exercises with their health benefits.


Yoga mudras: the source of body fitness

Yoga mudras basically involve physical exercise and practices that are geared to ensure your body attains flexibility and fitness. Recent research shows that our eating habits are slowly taking us to the grave. Many people are easily gaining weight by eating processed and junk food. For this reason, it is advisable to engage yoga mudras so as to get rid of excessive fat and cholesterol in your body tissues. If you take a look to people who have been taking part in yoga mudras, you will notice their bodies are always in shape and flexible.

yoga 1Hatha yoga: the source of body strength and stamina

Hatha is the most practiced type of yoga in the world. It deals with body exercise that provides strength to your bones, muscles and nerves. This exercise leads to the formation of lean muscles in your body tissue making you stronger and full of stamina. In addition, it melts down excessive fats and replaces them with lean muscles. If you have been experiencing body weakness and lack of stamina, then hatha yoga is the best exercise to boost your health. Discover more about Hatha at this link

Asana yoga: best for relaxation and pain relief

Asana yoga is the exercise that stretches out your body tissues slowly and carefully giving you that relaxing effect. Its main principal is to engage the entire body physically with the aim of improving nourishment and flexibility in the body tissues. During the exercise, negative work force is reduced; blood flow increases, oxygen level in the body become well distributed making you to feel relaxed. In addition, this exercise helps to relieve chronic pain and enhances peace of mind.

Dhanushasana: the remedy for spinal problem

downward facing dog

Dhanushasana is a branch of yoga exercise that is geared to solve spinal cord illnesses. It plays a major role in strengthening the back portion and the spinal cord. The medical world has a very little to offer when it comes to permanently curing spinal illnesses. Actually, there is no medical cure or treatment when a spinal cord disk comes out. The best thing they can do is to put you in a wheel chair. However, a simple bow pose or dhanushasana can be used to control this situation without any operation. Bow poses are known to reduce pain in back muscles as well as the spinal cord.

How to get excellent result from yoga exercises

Yoga exercises can be potentially dangerous when done without the supervision from a professional. Therefore, to get the best out of any exercise, you need to enroll to a yoga class. Please do not try do exercise on your own because you can harm your body instead of improving your health.