My 100% Commitment To Fitness

Being an obese myself, I have seen everything, how it takes a toll to my personal life and its imminent danger on my health. I even came to a point that I was struggling to breathe and I broke one car after the other. The humiliation is there and seem like it is a shadow that keeps on haunting me. Until one day, I just woke up had an epiphany that my life needs to change if I want to live longer and be happy. I cannot be forever like this and wait when my life ends.

With the help of my personal trainer, I had made it through. Now, I gave my 100% commitment to fitness. Every day, I wake up filled with energy. I can definitely say, I am a new person a much better person today than what I was yesterday.

Exercise Has Been Part Of My Life

There is one thing that had helped me the most with my journey through being healthy – it is an exercise. I started with walking 5-minutes a day, then it grew to 30-minutes a day. Now, I am walking an hour a day to keep me fit while engaging myself with 5 sessions a month with my personal trainer. I must say without the help of a personal trainer, and my determination to make it through I would not be here today.

Product Of Love

This website is a product of my love for exercise and fitness as a whole. I found refuge in it when I was at my lowest point and overcome obstacles, be able to push myself even more each day to live another day, live for a week, months and years to come.

Here is where my heart is, here lies my journey from being an obese person to a healthy person. I am proud of myself and could not ask for more. I am going to share my life journey, what I had been through to serve as an inspiration for other people who are struggling with their weight and chooses to live rather than die without doing anything about the condition.

I hope you will like my website. Feel free to browse around and read the information I will provide in the days to come.

If you wish to know more about my journey or have some questions, do contact me at my email.

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