Ways to Gain Experience After Personal Trainer Courses

Personal trainer courses are good for getting   you documentation to prove you underwent some formal training on fitness. You however must do something about improving your skills. Any documents you have cannot help you to train clients. You must be prepared to apply practical and experience.

Becoming a personal trainer is like any other profession.  A newly graduated attorney for instance does not start to handle cases immediately. He starts working at a law firm under supervision of experienced mentors.  Personal training however had to no standard benchmarks for long. New trainers are at times allowed to start supervising clients immediately after training. It comprises on service quality as various clients have different needs. Some of them just want to build muscles, other want to keep fit yet others train to bring specific   health conditions under control.

There are various sources of information about fitness such as blogs, websites, book and magazines. You can start working after training and occasionally research about workouts. The danger is that your workouts might be just favorable to clients with certain need like healing an injury. You are likely to focus your research and energy to that area and forget to learn new methods for helping other people.

pulley training course It is therefore important to find a good place to gain experience after you complete personal trainer courses. It presents you with a good opportunity for growth. Find a fitness center that provides you with the following:

  • An opportunity to work under a mentor or manager who supports you and  answers your questions
  • An opportunity to work with different clients with varying needs.

Concentrate on finding answers to areas that give you a problem. It is good to ask your supervisor about things that you do not know rather than shine by concentrating on your strong areas then leave the fitness center with your unattended weaknesses.


Personal training has been an informal and unregulated profession. This does not mean that anyone should be a fitness trainer.  It is important to go for a personal trainer course to a get a certificate. Your certificates however will only have value if it is backed by skills. You can therefore avoid courses that culminate in getting expensive certifications.  It is wiser to use your money in buying fitness books or attending workshops, mentorships, conferences and internships. Some of them might have certification but other might not. The practical skills that you gain are priceless. After all these are the ways through which personal training trainers gain knowledge.

Nonetheless, you should begin by attending a course that gives you some form of certification.  Although it is apprenticeship that will help you to be a better personal trainer, do not just go for the cheapest course. If you plan to do fitness training as a career, it is still wise to invest moderately in education.  What you should avoid is a very expensively for certification   that does not give you hands-on experience.

 Continuing education credits (CECs)step up in the street

Some certifying bodies require that you renew certificates after specific time. Some materials are worthwhile but it is not all. What you should know is that many certificates allow people to petition for CEUs from unsanctioned or outside events.

Events and courses you attend can count towards your renewal quota. What you need is a certificate to show you have completed the required number of contact hours. You can therefore fill up the hours by attending training seminars when the topic is something worth learning about and when it is something valuable to your clients.

Exercising is a great way of maintaining fitness and keeping lifestyle conditions at a bay. Personal trainer courses are therefore worthwhile as personal fitness training will always be in demand.  When you have a grasp of the necessary certification and skill, you will play a role in making a difference between presence and lack of fitness for your clients.