What important questions should you ask a dentist?

A dentist  makes much contribution in the dental health of a patient.   Any dentist regardless of whether he treats children, adults or both should be more concerned about teaching the patients on the right ways to take care of teeth to prevent infections rather than treat them. After all, the patients do not visit the dentist often won’t need to know much about dental care when they visit a clinic.

Dentists therefore should make a commitment to provide information about dental health to empower patients with knowledge on how to keep their gums and teeth healthy in between visits. Most people are misinformed about dental health because of many myths out there. It is therefore the job of dentists to replace the misinformation with facts among their patients.

Patients should also take advantage of their visit to dentist and ask questions regarding dental health.

Dentists are like other medical professionals therefore will ask questions during examination.

More often, your dentist will ask about your oral hygiene routine and eating habits. This information helps dentist to diagnose any problem they find. If when you do not have a dental problem,   you can something that will help you to improve your dental health. With this in mind,   you can seek some clarifications on the following issues.


  1. The right toothbrush

This is a good topic to discuss with dentist as you could be using the wrong toothbrush to clean your teeth. You should not use any toothbrush you come across. It is therefore important to ask your dentist’s advice on the right one to use especially if you are having a decline in oral health. You might discover that you have been using a brush that is too small or too big for the mouth. If you have gum irritation, it could be that using a brush with hard bristles is one of the causes.

Your dentist will inform you about the kind of bristles you need on your toothbrush.


  1. Deep cleaning

It is important to ask your dentist whether you should do deep cleaning. To some people, daily brushing and flossing might not prevent chronic gum disease. Deep cleaning is best way of removing harmful bacteria and plaque from gums for people with history of periodontitis and gingivitis.

Deep cleaning might be uncomfortable but when performed by a dentist or even a hygienist, it is hardly painful. Whereas it is true that a dental professional   usually recommends deep cleaning when necessary, it does not hurt to ask. You might discover that if you have it done annually, it will do wonders for your dental health even if you do not have a chronic gum disease.

  1. The best toothpaste

There are dozens of types, brands and categories of toothpaste. Shopping for toothpaste can therefore be confusing. Some of the categories of toothpastes are:

  • Anti-cavity
  • Anti cavity and desensitizing
  • Anti-cavity and anti-calculus( for tartar control)
  • Whitening

Al the above formulations cater for different oral needs therefore it is important for you to ask a dental professional about the type that best suits you.


  1. Right floss

Even though there are some studies that have concluded waxed floss is the best while others have concluded that there can only be little difference of any. Arguments aside, waxed variety is regarded to be simpler to use especially by those with crowded teeth.

Un-waxed floss on the other hand is easier to maneuver because it is slightly thinner. Because of the ensuing confusion, it is therefore best to ask you dentist for suggestion on the right floss for your teeth.

  1. Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening are   one of most popular dental procedures. It is provided by most dentists. Although teeth whitening help to brighten teeth some few shades, it is not good for everyone. For instance, smokers and regular drinkers of coffee might not desired results from bleaching. A   dentist will be able to guide you whether the procedure will be effective for your teeth.

Since there are many things to as a dentist about dental health it is important to find one who is welcoming and friendly to be around.