Why People Commit Suicide And How To Help Them

Today we’re going to be talking about a very serious issue on a normally relaxed site. This is an important topic however, and I feel everyone should know the information below! Please read it and think about it.

Why People Commit Suicide And How To Help Them

One of the major causes of suicide in young people is depression. The reason being that at this stage, your logical thinking capacity basically stops at that moment. You just feel tranquil and clear. When you are at this state, the problem begins to show your life and planet in its worst form. This is the point where people start to reflect about committing suicide. The good news is that this issue can be prevented, and you can be in a position to help someone in this kind of situation if you are able to know the signs.

It is important to note that depression can affect any person, age does not matter. This has prompted authorities is institutions of higher learning to take the entire malady serious and have begun to do research and studies to check the vulnerability of the students. It is not good to see young and enterprising individuals who should be crafting and preparing for their future in college instead; he or she is contemplating suicide. Therefore, it is essential for you to understand and know the signs so that you can help someone or you perhaps when you begin to feel depressed in any way. Some of the signs are outlined below.

Signs Of A Suicide

  1. When you start to notice that someone is taking a lot of interest in the topic on death or suicide. Even though the subject is not pleasing to many, this particular individual keeps talking about it and brings the question up every time.
  2. If you realize that the person is disposing off some of their favorite belongings in such a way to suggest something not good is about to occur.
  3. The individual starts to drink heavily and is spending a lot of time in alcohol. Another thing to watch out for is if  you or the person shows interest in doing everything even if it is a prank.
  4. A person that suffers from dejection or having thoughts that are suicidal normally has mood swings. He or she may be happy at a certain moment only for them to change the next. Thus, you cannot really understand them.
  5. The individual keeps speaking about death as if it is a positive thing. In fact, these people at times imagine when he or she is deceased and begin to act and even wish something like that would happen to them.

It is good to realize that depression can lead to suicide if not taken seriously, and people can end up dead. In fact, the pleasant thing is that this condition can be prevented with taking medication or other alternative methods such as yoga, positive thinking, meditation exercising and many others. If these methods can be used, then the problem can be controlled.

  • Prevention.


To bring to an end this thing, there are certain steps you can take in order to overcome the malady. Some of them include.

  • Calling a counselor– the how issues can be discussed over by telling a friend or someone close to you. However, when contemplating killing yourself, the only option you have is speaking to a therapist. The reason is that he or she has been trained to handle this kind of problems. You will get all the necessary assistance you require.
  • Understand what is causing it- before you can begin on anything; it is good to realize on your own what is bringing the problem? The major culprit in this is normally depression and there are other deep concerns, which are causing this sorrow. Some of it could be you may feel that you are neglected by people or unwanted. Once you know the main reason behind this state, it will be easier to begin the right course of treatment.
  • Talk to people- you can discuss your worries and pain with close friends or someone you really trust. Note that it should not necessarily be a relative. Choose someone who can guide you well. Maybe you can ask them to sometimes pass by your home or workplace so that you can talk.