Working out when it’s winter

Working out when its winter

Seasons have something to dictate to humans with regard to the lifestyles to adopt. When summer is around the corner, the streets get full with more light being seen. The weather is also perfect for any outdoor activity including swimming at the beach. The morale and the motivation to get things arranged is there. You want to eat healthy and keep working out to maintain a lean body hit-the-gymlikeable on the streets.

Away from the summer, comes the winter. A season that many don’t like. That’s because it’s all about more dark and super cold. Compared to the general hot atmosphere of the gym in the summer, no one will be willing to shed a cloth just to work out.

But then, keeping it fit is a necessity and people have to keep doing it no matter the time. However, it takes a lot of effort to get optimal workout results in the winter. Simple tips will help you keep going.

  1. Artificial light

Human body has a relationship with the darkness. There are hormones that bring forth sleep once light is gone. With more dark duration in the summer, people tend to sleep a lot. That alone brings laziness to engage in any workouts in the morning. To chase the laziness away, use your lights. Once the lights are burning, you will be motivated to get out of bed and start of the day with some jogging. Don’t wait for the second alarm. That moment you hear the first one, jump out of bed and switch on the lights. In a short while, you will be ready to get working.

  1. Indoor workouts

To a reasonable person, getting out for a morning run is a bit silly especially when the winter is on. The fact however remains that you don’t need to be at the gym to workout. In fact, winter gives you an opportunity to make use of the exercise trips that you have learnt at the gym. As long as the temperatures are optimal at your house, you are good to start working out. The space may be limited but you can improvise. Get rid of what you don’t need and create some space. You don’t have to worry that neighbors may come in only to find you on the carpet. It’s worth it.


  1. Go for the right gear

Summer to the ladies means time to wear bikinis. On the other hand, winter signifies time to cover up to keep off cold. In fact, running out in the winter is not prohibited. As long as you have the right gear to keep you warm, you are good to go. Anything light that will help cover up will be useful. Talk of the gloves, jackets and other cozy clothes. Make sure that jackets have reflective strips to be safe when running in the dark outdoors. More on some cool in winter clothes here.

Beachbody On Demand

Another alternative to working out indoors is to consider purchasing a streaming workout option that was developed by  They have over 600 workouts you can choose from and you do go through some of the best online workout dvds they have.  You read about about it here Beachbody On Demand – Review on All The Workouts & Costs Involved  if you want more information about it. I personally like the p90x3 and body beast workout program.

  1. Develop interest in sweat

Sweating is part of workouts. It’s actually a result of working out. If you sweat during the winter, you make a very great achievement. But how do you do that? Well, it’s about generating some interest in any activity that will keep you fit and active. You can go for yoga classes, cycle around the estate or do anything to keep sweat flowing.

  1. Keep the gym bag around

Keeping away the farm tools may tempt you to forget about farming. When they are around, they act as reminders that some farm somewhere needs some attendance. Similarly, your gym bag is not to go under the bed just because its winter. To avoid forgetting about workouts,  snowflake keep it somewhere you will constantly see it. Where possible, keep carrying it to the office like you do during normal times.

  1. Find company

At the gym, the motivation to keep exercising is from the fellow mates who are busy getting it done. When you are alone in the gym, you are not likely to work out to the maximum. In the same way, you will need someone to workout with you even when its winter. It can be family or just a friend. Once you have agreed that you are to meet for workouts, you will try not to fail the other guy by attending. The laziness will be gone.

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  1. Jack says:

    Workout in the winter is super hard since you can’t get outside. I agree totally that doing beachbody on demand workouts is a great way to get them in!

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