Where Can I Find Tax Attorney Services?

Florida Tax Attorney Services can be found in all areas of Florida and provides assistance to individuals and businesses with the Internal Revenue Service, Florida tax laws, and many other tax issues. A popular area is the Sarasota area, where there are many experienced tax attorneys that have a variety of years of experience in helping clients settle their back taxes and receive the best possible resolution from the IRS and the state of Florida. The firm can also represent clients who have been accused of fraud or civil wrong doing because of the actions of the IRS.



Most Florida Tax Attorney Services offer free consultations and at no cost are available to assist you with tax issues. This is important because the more involved a tax issue can be, the more it can take time and money to resolve. Having the representation of knowledgeable tax attorneys will make dealing with your tax issues go much smoother.


Most tax attorneys in Sarasota area of Florida charge a flat rate for all services provided and work exclusively on tax related issues. They will not pursue issues that deal with federal tax laws, but will work on your local property tax, income tax, or capital gains tax issues. They also do not provide any divorce or child support advice. If you need any legal advice or help with completing your tax returns, you will be referred to an office that specializes in this area of law. The firm’s goal is to provide you with the highest level of tax relief services.


I highly recommend using a tax attorney in case you find yourself in a situation that involves an audit by the Internal Revenue Service or Florida state revenue department. If you are unable to come to an agreement with the Internal Revenue Service regarding the payment or rescheduling of deductions, you may be forced to appeal the decision to an administrative law judge. An IP judge will hear your case and make a decision about your tax issue. If you win the appeal, your tax liability will be substantially reduced and the penalty for not responding quickly will be removed. If you lose, you will have to start the process all over again.


Some other great resources for tax attorneys in Sarasota area of Florida include the following: The University of Florida School of Law, which has an online program that can help you if you are considering going back to school; The University of Sarasota’s Public Justice Institute, which offers many workshops and seminars on a variety of government and tax issues; The U.S. Tax Council, which provide free educational resources; The American Bar Association, which can provide you with a list of attorneys specializing in various areas of tax resolution; The Florida State Bar Association, which provide networking opportunities for attorneys who are licensed in their state. All of these resources are excellent, but I highly recommend using a company that has both a local and national presence. Hiring a Sarasota tax attorney that has nationally accredited representation is the best way to ensure that your case is handled properly and that you are fully satisfied with the results.


I was impressed with how smoothly the legal process went for me. The quality of the attorney that I ultimately hired was excellent. From the very beginning I felt comfortable with my Sarasota tax attorneys and their ability to effectively represent me throughout the process. Once the case was concluded, the firm made sure to advise me on the steps I needed to take as a result of my regrettable situation, and they were able to provide me with the assistance that I needed in order to successfully resolve my tax issue.